Teaching Philosophy

At Kiel Music, we believe music enriches the lives of everyone. This is why we invite students of all ages to join us for private lessons, group classes, as well as performance opportunities.

Rather than adhere to a single pedagogical method, we use individualized instruction to adapt to students’ unique learning styles, encouraging manageable challenges and celebrating personal achievements.

Kiel Music students are encouraged to learn about all musical genres that interest them. If our current instructors do not teach a potential student’s desired genre/style, we will happily provide them with an outside referral.

Whether students at Kiel Music choose to focus on classical, jazz, pop, rock, folk, experimental, world music, or another style, our instructors ensure that music theory, technique, and artistry remain at the center of every lesson.

To put practice into action, we also seek to provide students with inspirational performance opportunities.

Contact us, to learn more about how our lessons and other educational programs meet our students needs.